We worked as subcontractors to the renowned electrical company Aspect, for a new industrial Hermes distribution centre. The client required all of their mains and incoming cables to be fitted within a three month period ready for production. The installation site was sizeable, standing at over 30 feet in height, across a 4,200 square metres. When working at such heights, across multiple stories, we always ensure we wear all of the correct PPE. We still remain reactive to this job, offering advice and implementing solutions to any problem that may arise.

Providing solutions

Pulling in over 13.5 tonnes of cable with restricted access was our biggest challenge during this project. This constraint required us to think on our feet to make sure we met the deadline. After much deliberation, we decided to use a large winch to pull the cables through which, despite difficulties, proved to be a success. Our proactive thinking meant we were able to speed the job up. We managed to install all of the cables, mains and lighting within the deadline and to excellent standards. We also picked up many additional industrial jobs whilst on site. Whilst carrying out these, we saw fault with initial processes and suggested alternative, more cost-effective and long-lasting methods. Our recommendations were agreed and implemented, something we are consistently thanked for. Upon completion of this job for Hermes, we left the site clean and tidy and provided the client with an after-care package.